At the NAMI convention

July 6, 2009 marked the official release of the report Double Tragedies: Victims Speak Out Against the Death Penalty for People with Severe Mental Illness.  To mark the release, the "Prevention, Not Execution" project presented a panel at the National Alliance on Mental Illness's annual convention in San Francisco. 

Panelists Nick and Amanda Wilcox, Carla Jacobs, Bill Babbitt, and Joe Bruce spoke to a packed room, and their stories, along with the remarks from NAMI's Ron Honberg and MVFHR's Renny Cushing, moved the audience to tears on many occasions and brought them to their feet by the end of the evening, ready to join the project and take action to end the death penalty for people with severe mental illness.

Afterward, some members of the audience told us that they had changed their minds about the death penalty as a result of the presentation.